The Silly Things I Learned in My Spanish Class

Hola, Internet!

You know what’s fun? Learning. Learning is fun. Seriously, though — back in February, a catalog from Seattle Central Community College appeared in my mailbox, which is where I found a beginning-level Spanish class. It’s one of theirnon-credit courses. (And, yes, I took a Spanish class at a community college, and, no, we did not form an awesome study group. Boo.)

We had our last class tonight and esta muy triste. It was so much fun. Earlier tonight, Amy Faulkner, executive director of The World Is Fun, dared me to write a blog post entirely in Spanish, which I totally cannot do — but what I will do is use the end of this post to show off what I learned. La profesora had a totally ridiculous sense of humor, and I believe that will be evident in the Spanish gibberish that follows. (These were the sorts of things she would call out to us in Spanish, and we in turn would have to do the actions, to prove we understood.) Follow along withGoogle Translate! (I should note here that in la profesora’s words, we are all about dos, maybe tres, anos now, so, if you speak Spanish, go easy on me!)

Hola! Como esta? Esta muy bien! Mi nombre en Espanol es Isabel.

Bailan con la pluma.

Fuma el zapato.

Huele a la mesa.

Escuchar el rotulo.

Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, sies, siete, ocho, nueve, diez! (I know how to count to 100 in Spanish, no big deal, but I won’t show off.)