UBYC--You Know You Want To


What is that, you say?

It’s the Unofficial Yelp Bar Crawl in Fremont and it’s TONIGHT. And- it’s free! Usually these bar crawls are all about scraping what little is left of your paycheck from the depths of your wallet. Not Yelp’s. Granted, you don’t get a t-shirt and there’s no tiny beers at each stop. Honestly from what I can tell its just a glorified 21 run. But it’s a glorified 21 run with lots of people you don’t know, who are likely significantly older than the meager age of 21, and who are out to have a little fun on this gross February night.

So where is the booze train stopping?

7pm: Fremont Brewing

I have never been here so I had to look it up. Hidden a little east of the rest of the Fremont pubs, the Fremont Brewing Company looks like a cozy spot to kick off the UYBC. The brewery offers a slew of hand-crafted ales to choose from- all of which sound delicious to me!

8:30pm: The Backdoor at Roxy’s

A personal breakfast spot favorite and sadly a rare night-time outing for me! A little speakeasy located in the heart of Fremont, this spot offers a full menu of amazing ‘food porn’ and ‘drink porn’ options. If you’re planning on having dinner on the town during your UYBC course I highly recommend you try one of their tempting meals. Oyster Po’ Boy Sliders are on special this week and I’m about to be all over that.

10pm: Brouwer’s Cafe

64 beers on draft. 60 scotches. This is definitely a man bar. It’s also a great spot to go and catch up with friends after a long week and I’m really excited it made the list!

11:30: LTD Bar and Grill

Usually when I make it out to Fremont this bar is the last stop of the night, so it certainly suits my fancy that it’s UYBC’s last stop, too. This bar is the quintessential sports/dive kind of bar. Lots of TV’s, from what I recall some shuffleboard, and a decent array of beers to fill my pitcher with. Shuffleboard is my all-time favorite bar activity- I challenge you to come find me and try to take me on ;)

I have to say that I’m impressed with the line up. For Fremont it’s unexpected and refreshing. It avoids the mainstream and includes some lesser known gems. The last time I did a bar crawl in Fremont I finished the night with a trip to Pie. Have you been there? Do it. There’s really no better way to end a great night out than with a fuzzy cab ride and a fist full of apple-raspberry pie.

Next week is TWIF’s 4th Annual Beard and Stache Fest Kick Off party. Pencil that into your calendars now. Saturday, February 25th at 8pm at Fremont’s Blue C Sushi. Be there! It will be your only opportunity to see all 150 cans displayed at the same time. And! There’s a chance you’ll be able to meet your fuzzy faced favorite in person to compliment him on that handsome handlebar mustache.