Another Chance to Join TWIF

As you might have heard last month, TWIF has created an awesome membership opportunity for all fun-loving folks who would also like to give back to their community. Well, in case you failed to heed the call then, there’s good news: Open enrollment has been extended through May. This means that if you go to our membership page and type in OPEN MAY, you can get in without a sponsor.

But what are the perks?  Great question!

  • Discounts at participating businesses
  • Early registration for volunteer events
  • Exclusive invites to TWIF events  
  • Membership key chain 
  • Branded stickers and buttons
  • Photo on the membership wall
  • Opportunity to contribute to a yearly “Idea Farm” to share new ways TWIF can become even more awesome 

Membership costs $30 for one year and is tax deductible. Your $30 fee goes towards supporting volunteer opportunities and other non-profits in the community.  And, you have to be at least 21 years old to be a member.

So think about joining our Charitable Social Club. You’ll be helping out your community while also meeting new people, expanding your experiences, and, oh yes, having fun (that’s kind of what we’re all about).