Top Four Reasons to Volunteer at Marra Farm This Saturday

Have you been to Marra Farm in Seattle’s South Park Neighborhood? This time of year it’s absolutely beautiful: The life-giving vegetables and berries are out in full force and the elephant garlic is high. Why not come out with TWIF this Saturday and help tend the Giving Garden for a great cause? Still unconvinced? Read on!

1. The Giving Garden at Marra Farm is a great cause.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’ve helped out a friend or given back to your community? You can get that feeling by volunteering at Marra Farm—an urban community garden that’s 100% volunteer-run. Whether you help prepare the soil, water, plant, weed or harvest, you’ll be bringing the Lettuce Link Giving Garden that much closer to peak condition. The harvests from the farm go the Providence Regina House Food Bank, Mien Senior Citizens and Concord Elementary students and their families.

2. You’ll get to dig in the dirt.

As a kid you may have loved throwing sand at your friends or building mud castles in the rain. But as a serious adult, you’ve had to put some of those antics behind you. At Marra Farm, you’ll be given full license to get down and dirty for a good cause. Who said having a green thumb couldn’t be an adventure?

3. You’ll get exercise.

Although scheduling gym or run time can be a drag, getting your exercise the painless way (i.e. without knowing you’re getting it), is always preferable. If you’re hauling and spreading any mulch or weeding, you bet you’ll be working your muscles.

4. You’ll get to meet awesome new people.

One of the great things about TWIF is our social nature—we’re a Charitable Social Club after all. About to get to work solving the puzzle of fixing a leaky drip irrigation system? You might make some new friends in the process as you put your heads together with fellow volunteers!

So there you have it, four solid reasons to sign up to volunteer at Marra Farm this Saturday. I hope to see you there!

Maggie Tarnawa is a blogger and volunteer with The World Is Fun