If You Like Tequila...

I highly recommend the newly opened bar/restaurant in capitol hill: The Saint. Located at 1416 E Olive Way, this brilliant blue establishment boasts a huge selection of the delicious drink to imbibe (there has to be at least 80 varieties on the list). It does help to have a tequila connoisseur available (so as not to spend $11 on a shot of something you won’t enjoy) but the bartenders and servers are also quite helpful. As far as the menu goes.. it was really yummy, though not very veg friendly.

Luckily I was with a table full of meat eaters, and got to try the majority of the menu’s offerings. On my plate was the puerco pibil, which was a slow roasted pork wrapped in banana leaves.. if I remember correctly. A bit spicy, but supremely delicious. My only complaint? It only came with two 3″-in-diameter (homemade, and delicious) tortillas, so the tortilla: meat ratio was a little off.

I’m positive that the kitchen would have been happy to provide more if I had requested.. but it was their second night of business, and let’s just say the waitress was a little busy and hard to flag down. (Although, it seemed all the waitstaff was in bright pink, which made them easy to find.)

In my glass was a mojito to start (WAY more impressive than the one in this post), followed by a shot of the Partido Resopsado. I was lucky that one of my tablemates knew his tequila, and helped me pick this one out.. it was a good pick. This place is a welcome addition to my neighborhood, although I won’t visit too often, because the tempting drinks cost more than the menu items. (but are so priced for a very good reason). Cheers to The Saint!