Event Inspiration, TWIF and Beyond!

TWIG Bingo

Have you ever wondered about the potential of a Bingo game outside the confines of a sleepy retirement home? Well if such a question conjures up feelings of either curious excitement or déjà vu, then keep reading. Once upon a time in November, TWIF created and hosted a Bingo game unlike any that preceded it-from far and wide, the masses gathered at Capitol Hill’s Auto Battery to participate in a zany hybrid of Bingo, trivia and physical challenges, with a bevy of beverages and prizes thrown in the mix. We loved it, they loved it, and we’re doing it again Thursday, April 14! A mere $10 is your price to play, with all proceeds going towards TWIF, a great cause if we say so ourselves. No need to pre-register, just put on your game-face and show up.


TWIF Bingo
Auto Battery, 1009 E Union St, Seattle 98122
Thursday Apr 14, 2011, 8:00pm, 21+