TWIF Brunch Club

What would Sunday mornings be without the coffee to get you up and the grease-slathered carb and protein combo to smooth you out? Whether bright eyed and bushy tailed or smokey eyed and last-night-clad, the Sunday Brunch always seems like just the ticket.

Why we didn’t start doing this sooner is the real question.

Last Sunday, upon my 12:30 arrival at the famed Broadway Grill, I walked to our table, in some combination of the two eyes, looking forward to regaling the crew with my TWIF Lead shift at the HopScotch beer and spirits festival over a wasabi-infused bloody mary. Our 7-top consisted of old and new faces, which has come to  be the norm for our now bi-weekly Breakfast Club outings–a refreshing mix of veterans, new staff, volunteers, and an occasional plus-one. While such gatherings satisfy our needs on a gastronomical level, they have also become a vehicle for initiating new staff into the TWIF culture–I mean, vortex.

The first rule of Brunch Club is you do not talk about Brunch Club. The second rule of Brunch Club is that you do not bring up matters of business or monthly meeting agenda items. The third rule of Brunch Club is you do not limit venue choices to a single neighborhood or cuisine. The fourth rule of Brunch Club is that you do not remain silent about said neighborhood or cuisine options, or any other matters of potential interest or excitement.