Seven Amazing Outdoor Art, Music and Film Events This Summer

As we begin to dive headfirst into these summer months, you can’t miss out on some of the amazing outdoor art events around Seattle—and this summer is no exception. 

 Here is a list of some of the best outdoor arts events happening over the next few months:

To kick it off we have the Urban Craft Uprising on July 12th & 13th at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.  The UCU is an indie craft show, containing hand-made goods of all shapes and sizes-ranging from jewelry, to bags, scarves, hats, housewares, paper goods, art, food, etc.  This free event is driven to support and showcase some of the best independent talent across the country.  So, take the time to stop by, embrace the creativity, and support a great cause!

Next up is the Olympic Sculpture Park, which actually boasts a whole summer calendar full of events.  Don’t miss the Kick Off on July 10th, which will include music, yoga, food, dance, and tons of art.  Basically, there is an event almost every day through the months of July and August.  SAM does a great job at offering a variety of events meant for all ages, so definitely take the time to check it out.

"Rotating Ampersand," by Flickr user melley

"Rotating Ampersand," by Flickr user melley

By now, I am sure you have seen the signs for the Capitol Hill Block Party.  If not, then check it out.  This 3-day festival contains a host of talented artists, with decently priced tickets to match.  So, if you are free July 25, 26, or 27th, then check out how Capitol Hill throws a block party.

Also on Capitol Hill, the Seattle Mural Project will be painting a small collection of murals around the neighborhood bringing English street artist D*face and Philadelphia based Nosego to Seattle.

Bellevue Art Museum’s Art Fair coincidentally, runs over the same weekend of July 25, 26, 27th – so, if you are in the mood to trade art over music, head over to BAM.   This art fair contains over 300 artists, featuring thousands of unique works.  There is no admissions fee, and anyone is welcome.  So, take the time to check out one of Bellevue’s most popular events!

Magnolia’s Summerfest and Art Show on August 1st & 2nd features a lot of local talent, allowing some of the smaller artists within the area to showcase their work.  Located within the beautiful neighborhood of Magnolia, this event includes a variety of different things, from music, to food, to movies, art, and even a Parade.  This would be a great event to check out, especially for kids!

Last but not least, there’s Fremont Outdoor Movies, which includes an awesome list of classic films like Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park and Dazed and Confused—to a slew of Wes Anderson’s gems.  A season pass costs around $30 dollars, is good for 2 people, and includes up to 6 movies.  Every Saturday night starting July 12th, the Fremont Outdoor Cinema will feature a new film, so why not take a blanket, check out the schedule, and take advantage of an outdoor movie this summer.

-Aryn Higgins, TWIF Blogger