My New Favorite Holiday = Rubber Easter

This past weekend was Rubber Easter. I don’t really have a good explanation of what Rubber Easter is exactly – but I can best sum it up as an excuse to get people together and do fun things.

My version of the weekend started on Thursday night which was Matt’s surprise 30th birthday party. The biggest surprise was that I pulled it off. I planned and successfully executed two surprise parties in one night for the man that has the ability to figure everything out. It started with 25 of us having dinner at Ipanema Grill in downtown Seattle. Ipanema is a churrascaria (shoo-HOSS-ka-REE-ah) or Brazilian steakhouse where they serve you endless amounts of meat by coming around to your table with large skewers of perfectly cooked animals (a lot of which come wrapped in bacon.)

Matt had been to an authentic churrascaria on his trip and wanted to try this one out so I thought his birthday would be a good opportunity. The food was good (and certainly plenty) and it was great to meet so many of Matt’s friends and have them in the same place. I think Matt was both shocked and overwhelmed at the turn out.


After dinner we headed back to Ballard to King’s Hardware. Many people that weren’t able to make dinner agreed to meet us there. Again, Matt had no idea. This was the look on his face as he entered and realized he had been surprised twice in one night… which made all the planning worth it.

The week before I managed to get my hands on a baby picture of Matt, lying on a baby blanket with teddy bears and a naked butt which I convinced the bakery girl at Fred Myer to project onto the cake. Classy, I know, but certainly a conversation starter.

Friday night Blackball had a Euro trash party to kick off Rubber Easter.

Saturday morning started with breakfast at Kona Kitchen, a restaurant owned by a guy that was in the Karate Kid 2 movie. This place had the most delicious Hawaiian sweet bread french toast – but be warned, they have some dish that is two scoops of white rice with an egg over top that I heard should be avoided.

After breakfast we all went back to work on our cardboard cars. Around 8pm, in the freezing rain I might add, we headed into downtown Ballard with our cars for a little bar hopping.

Apparently a group of cardboard cars rolling down the street causes quite a commotion… and even more confusion when most of the people in the cars are dressed as bunnies. We went to a few places on Ballard Avenue and had a lot of fun. EXCEPTION = The Station Bistro on Leary. We were refused service there. Apparently they only care about getting business from the Ballard Condors (condo people) that drive fancy cars… or at least ones made out of conventional materials.

After spending some time on Ballard Avenue, we pedaled our cardboard cars to theSloop Tavern where, as always, there was a ridiculously long line and one bar tender. Not drinking, I spent most of my time outside of The Sloop talking to the excited passer-bys and also trying to prevent some drunk guy that was stumbling around outside from vomiting in my car. I did, however, find it quite humorous when he tried to use the wet cardboard car for balance.

After The Sloop we headed to the Golden City for an after party complete with a lounge singer and band.

Sunday morning there were breakfast burritos at someones house which Matt and I skipped out in in exchange for extra sleep. Then Sunday afternoon was the Rubber Easter sermon. Words alone cannot explain this phenomenon and I will do my best to find some video to post… but all I can say is it sealed the fact that this was an event not to be missed and it is put on by an awesome group of people.

After the sermon we all took the bus downtown for some Moroccan food at Marrakesh. Good food but eating couscous with my hands is a bit messy for me. After dinner we went to the Made It Found It Film Night with a collection of short films made by friends.

All-in-all… one of my best Seattle weekends thus far.

-Amy Faulkner