Oh How I Wish...

Oh how I wish I could be writing to you today about all the awesome stuff I did this past sunny weekend as I was truly excited about all the things I planned to knock off my list. In fact, I was so excited, I gathered a group of friends to go with me and do a number of things and promised them a BBQ at my house in the end as their reward.

Well, Friday night things changed… and to skip all the gory details, I became ill. Horribly ill. As it turns out, I picked up a little Noro Virus at the Ballard Market salad bar Friday afternoon. So, instead of writing about Kurt Cobain’s favorite park bench, I have become intimate with my bedroom and bathroom and the Swedish Medical Center Emergency Room.

My friends still went on the planned excursion. Perhaps Jen will write about it. I really hope next weekend is better.

-Amy Faulkner