Perhaps I'm a Sports Fan

Tuesday the 27th was planned for me months ago. My friend Zach, his girlfriend Emily and his Mom were going to be in town for the day and they invited me to attend a Mariner’s game with them. I’ll tell the truth here… when Zach asked me if we wanted to go, I had to ask him what the Mariners were…

So the day finally came. I headed downtown in the afternoon to meet up with the out of towners and show them a little bit of Seattle. On my reccommendation, they stayed at the Hotel Max. I hadn’t ever set foot in the place but before I had even lived in Seattle I read a lot about the hotel and even blogged about it on my old work travel blog. So I jumped at the chance to meet up with them at their hotel and check it out. The rooms, like most city hotel rooms were snug but seemed to be well decorated. I was immediately enthralled by the pillow menu where a quick call to the front desk could get you a pillow in the firmness of your choice.

(Photos Courtesy of Hotel Max Flickr.)

(Photos Courtesy of Hotel Max Flickr.)

The rooms appeared very modern and clean. From the two rooms I saw, neither seemed to have a great view but it did remind me a lot of the rooms at The Standard in downtown LA. The lobby and hallways were filled with art. Each floor had an underlying theme and every door had a photograph. I could have probably spent the day in there walking the halls.

The elevator however was a little scary. Not only did it not comfortably fit 4 people, it kind of didn’t want to move giving us an uneasy feeling of being trapped every time we set foot in it. Overall, if you’re coming to a city like Seattle, you don’t want to spend your time sitting in a hotel room anyways – and I believe that Hotel Max, although the rooms aren’t large, they are plush and for the price, experience and decor, its highly recommended.

Without much time to do so, we really only made it to Pike Place Market. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but Zach’s mom really wanted to go there and since this was her first visit to Seattle, that’s where we went.

Surprisingly, the market wasn’t as packed as it normally is so it wasn’t that bad. The weather was quite nice too so it made walking around aimlessly pretty fun and over shadowed the fact that the market and its fish throwing is so anti-climatic. After walking around the market we headed over to the Red Lion Hotel. From previous posts, you can probably tell that this is one of my favorite downtown places to get food and drinks on a sunny day. This day was perfect to be on the fifth floor terrace and I think it was a good choice as Zach later asked me the name of the place saying he wanted to go there on future visits to Seattle. (I swiftly reminded him that all on his visits to Seattle include me so he doesn’t need to remember.)

After the Red Lion, we headed back to Hotel Max. Again, the weather was so nice it was really the perfect day for a game. We took our seats and I am pleased to say I really got into the game. The Mariners even won! (They had a big losing streak before I got there.) Safeco Field is beautiful and our seats allowed us to see the Seattle skyline at we watched the game.

I think there will be more Mariners games in my future.

-Amy Faulkner