A Sad Day in Ballard...

Edith Macefield passed away Sunday morning. Edith and her refusal to sell her home to the developers ruining Ballard embodied all that is good about Ballard. She will be long remembered and missed.

photo: Markus Colb via Flickr

When developers offered to buy her house Edith, 86, refused. When the bought all of the property surrounding her house she refused. And when the dollar offers got really high (as in $1 million high), she stood her ground. So the developers built around her dwarfing her precious home.

“I went through World War II, the noise doesn’t bother me,” Macefield told the Seattle PI. “I liked the old Ballard. The new one — you can have it.”

photo: maryjanemidgemink’s via Flickr

To make this story even more tragic, Edith has no know heirs so what will happen with her house remains uncertain.

Edith Macefield

1922 – 2008

-Amy Faulkner