Fun Overdrive!

The weekend before last, Jen and I decided to go into fun overdrive and do some stuff on the list. It was a great (and rare) sunny day in Seattle which made it the perfect opportunity. Our first stop… The photo booth at Archie McPhee’s.

Nestled in the back of the store, among the rubber chickens and gas masks you will find an old school photo booth. Now, naturally you have the novelty of the photo booth but when you add in the opportunity that the stores adds for props, its a wonderland of excitement and a great way to spend an hour of your day.

After all of the giggles and silliness, we stopped at Marvin Gardens, a Ballard Park that has been on the list since its inception. This was almost a joke. Its in downtown Ballard so I have been by it at least 100 times by now and considering its size, I can say that by driving by I can easily see all it has to offer. However, for the sake of the list, we stopped for a photo opp…

Leaving Ballard, Jen and I then headed, via mopeds, down to Pioneer Square.Pioneer Square is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. To me (coming from Richmond, Virginia) it seems like it’s the only area filled with history in Seattle. Arriving inPioneer Square, Jen and I went over to the Underground Tour to get tickets. Once we got our tickets, we had over an hour of time to kill so we decided to wander over to Waterfall Gardens.

Now Waterfall Gardens has been on the list since I first moved to Seattle and now I believe its one of Seattle’s best kept secrets. Jen didn’t seem to know much about it, I haven’t really heard mentions of it from others but because it was on the list, I felt it was important to at least go check it out. This place is absolutely beautiful. Created by UPS to honor the business’ birthplace, this tiny enclosed park is filled with beautiful waterfalls and would make the perfect location to pack a lunch. The tiny park has plenty of tables, its kept clean and has a security guard on staff to protect its beauty. Waterfall Gardens comes HIGHLY recommended.

We then headed over to Occidental Park where Jen helped the fireman. The Fallen Firefighters Statue in this park kind of creeps me out as it is so detailed which shames me because its intended to pay homage to fallen firefighters and honor them as heroes.

From Occidental Park we wandered past the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and were so enticed by the scrumptious chocolates in the window that we decided to stop. Realizing that we weren’t super hungry and it was possible that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, Jen and I decided to split a Rocky Road Candy Apple. We made our purchase and took the apple to go where we sat people watching near the pergola in Pioneer Square.

We finished the candy apple just as it was time for us to head back for the tour. The tour begins when they stuff about 200 people into Doc Maynard’s Public House, a restored 1890′s bar. This nighttime bar plays host to the tour’s starting point during the day. With everyone packed in one tour guide begins the process of telling us what we are going to see. The tour boasts that is an hilarious adventure yet Jen and I found the guide to be unbelievably annoying in her presentation. It was a combination of her speaking pattern and her bad jokes.

So bad inflection lady tells us about how the underground came about… basically, when the city was originally built they didn’t take things like plumbing into consideration and because of the land lying so low, they had some technical difficulties when the tide came in. To fix these problems, when the city rebuilt after its big fire they raised everything a level. Then we were divided into smaller groups and taken underground. Luckily, at this point we received a new guide.

The underground doesn’t really offer much to see (in fact the tour guide admitted that in the end). Its a bit like walking around in someone’s basement. But it does offer a lot of good historic information on the city in its infancy.

After the tour, Jen and I went to our friend Arianna’s Bachlorette Party at The Chapel which you can read about in Jen’s post here.

-Amy Faulkner