Thursday Night = TWIF Night

Thursdays, as of late, have been unofficial twiffing (that’s right, I made it a verb) nights it seems. A few Thursdays ago Amy and I went to check out pay-what-you-can night at Seattle Repertory Theater. The play scheduled for the night was The Three Musketeers. After purchasing our tickets (you can pay anything you want over the amount of a dollar!) we were handed programs and seated in the balcony.

As we settled in for the show, an employee of the theater walked by and asked me if I was under 25 years old. Not knowing why this was relevant, I answered yes and was handed a brochure. It was the kids-menu version of the program, complete with snappy headlines in larger print and “cool” facts about the musketeers. Amy was a little “jealous”, so I happily shared my kids menu with her. As for the play itself, it was on par with a night of high school theater. The leading actress was a typical petite woman with an over-the-top-BIG-stage-personality. After about an hour, the curtain came down for a short intermission.

Realizing that we shared a low opinion of the play thus far, Amy and I made a mutual decision that we’d rather be doing something else and left the theater just in time to hear the second half start.

Both a little hungry, and a lot cold (hey, it’s not winter yet – what gives!) we walked over to the Melting Pot for some hot liquid food. On our way in we agreed that we had made the right decision when we saw that we had arrived just in time for happy hour (4 to 6:30 and 9 to 11 every night). Seated perfectly nestled next to the fireplace, we ordered the Wisconsin Trio cheese fondue (at half off!) and a couple cocktails. Although our waiter kind of unloaded on us immediately when we sat down (something about getting switched from the dining room to the bar, gosh!) and he was strictly enforcing the requirement to have bleached hair to sit at the table net to us, we were beginning to enjoy our night.

A pot of cheese fondue and two cocktails later, we were feeling good. Good enough to order a pot of chocolate fondue and two more cocktails. We went with the dark chocolate (yum!) which came with rice krispy treats, bananas, brownies, two varieties of marshmallows, cheesecake, poundcake, whew! Sufficiently full (and with a good sugar buzz going) we called it a night.

Mine and Amy’s second Thursday adventure involved Chow Foods’ recent promotion. On October 16th, all six of their restaurants were to offer every menu item at whatever the DOW closed at that day and select drinks at whatever the NASDAQ closed at. The DOW must’ve closed at 8980 because everything on the menu was $8.98.

At the Hi-Life, we ordered three dishes to share: mussels, pork, and mushroom skewers. All of them were very tasty! I was particularly impressed with our waitress and her ability to stay calm and collected despite the chaos that surrounded her. She had an updated list of items they had run out of that she dutifully updated between each table, and her coolness made us feel like we didn’t have to rush and we were able to enjoy our meal at our own pace even though the place was completely packed and people were waiting for tables. The cherry on top? A glass of red wine was only 1.71!

October 20, 2008

-Jen Pride