Candy and Carousels and Zombies, oh my!

Happy Halloween weekend TWIFfers! Whether you’ll be dressing up and heading out or laying low and handing candy out to swarms of costumed kiddos, we hope you have a safe and fun time! I’ve got a couple of stellar volunteer opportunities for you to consider while you’re nursing Sunday’s candy-induced (or candy-inspired beverage) hangover. Check them out and sign up quick! Thanks to all you volunteers out there our events have a pattern of filling up really quickly lately :)

One Trick Pony 

Ah the wonder of the holiday carousel. Horses and fanciful beasts race and race for the brass ring only to remain in their place of origin in the end. Throw in a closet and a lion and you have a C. S. Lewis novel.

Yet another digression.

The KING 5 Wonderland Holiday Carousel benefiting Treehouse: TWIF is staffing it. You should do it . We’ll be volunteering at the carousel selling tickets, verifying, sorting, and tearing tickets (Okay, just taking tickets) and helping riders on and off their noble steeds. Do volunteers get free rides? Do they get first dibs on the horses? You’ll need to ask.

This holiday tradition spreads joy and cheer, introduces strangers with the common goal of fun! By the way, watch out for the fat kid with freckles eating the Butterfinger Ice cream treat: he’s a puker. Probably a paste-eater too. I think his name is Elliot.

This shift is during the Seattle Tree Lighting Ceremony and your volunteer shift will place you front and center for the festivities. Please also note that although the carousel shuts down during the actual ceremony but is at its busiest immediately following. Be ready.


 Volunteer Opportunities for the Zombie Apocalypse

Aside from the screaming horror and droning shuffle of the Zombie Apocalypse, there will actually be much work to do. Setting out on one’s own in not advisable for two reasons: you will likely go bonkers and you probably won’t survive. So pitching-in for the communal effort of survival will not only be endearing but essential.

Know your skills, know your strengths. If you are no use with a weapon, security and defense aren’t for you. If you’re a bit of a lummox, you should stay away from shifts requiring stealth like reconnaissance; you end up getting eaten and one of your cohorts will have to shoot you in the head. That will be embarrassing for everyone.

**Before you review the following volunteer opportunities, please bone-up on your zombie survival skills here**

Reconnaissance and scavenging:

For the survivors on the move, this role is imperative for success. Lithe, stealthy with keen observation and retention skills this character can identify and retrieve food and munition stores, identify routes of safe passage, and avoid detection by hordes of the undead as well as rival survivor groups. This sneaky bugger will save your hides more than a few times, but don’t give ‘em a gun. Just don’t.

Medical, Triage, and Quarantine:

Throw the Hypocratic Oath out the window: It is on! You, good Doctor, will not only have to shoot the recently dead, but the soon to be dead. Yeah, that’s a bummer, but suck it up. That 12 year-old kid with the big eyes has got the crud and will soon me making a lunge at your aeorta major. Give ‘em a double-tap and cooly see how that burn victim is doing. Also, you are now the repository of all Medical Knowledge. From delivering babies to yanking appendices; you are it. Good on ya.

Defense and Security:

Guns, guns, guns. It is highly likely this cat will shoot someone who is coming to relieve their shift on watch.

MacGyver/Davy Crockett: 

This is the one who knows how to hot-wire a car, find edibles in the woods, garden enough food for everyone and build a CB Radio out of two boxes of Bayer Asprin, some thread, and a pair of tweezers. And since the only dude who fits this description was shipwrecked on Gilligan’s Island, we’re all doomed.

Happy Halloween.

-Amber Carrigan