Finally, it’s Friday!


That pretty much sums up my state of mind right now. It’s been one of those weeks. The kind where everything seems to be going wrong and piling up all at the same time and you know that if the work week was just one day longer you’ll likely explode… Luckily, I came across this little gem of a photo to lift my spirits.

Yes, those dogs are dressed up as high-profile mascots and snacks from popular fast-food chains. Yes, those dogs all look a little too happy to be part of such an elaborate scheme. And yes, whoever decided to take on this endeavor definitely has too much time on their hands. But…wow…if this doesn’t make you smile then you probably have a heart of coal. And, for those of you dog owners who, like me, find this sort of activity funny- you’re in luck! Tomorrow from 11am-2:30pm you and your costumed canine can spend the afternoon in Magnolia Manor Park enjoying prizes, raffles, vendor booths, and, of course, every other doggie’s getups! Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA) are hosting their annual Dog-O-Ween fundraiser to raise money for all off-leash dog parks in the Seattle area and promises you a fun and funny time. Last year I dressed my poochie up as a cowgirl. This year I’m thinking she’d make a great lion :) Please, if you have any pictures of your dressed up doggie send them to me at so I can post them to the blog!

For those of you looking for something to do inside to escape the lovely weather (ha), CroatiaFest  is happening this Saturday and Sunday down at the Seattle Center. Like always, this event is totally free to check out and offers up a wide variety of culture, history, food, and fun. On Saturday the doors open at 6pm and visitors can enjoy the numerous exhibits until the real party starts at 8. At 8 the Exhibition hall morphs into a giant dance party with classic Croatian music and a sweet sing-a-long. Sunday the doors open at noon and there’s plenty of beer, wine, cooking demonstrations, music, crafts, and booths to keep you occupied for the whole afternoon. This is a picture from last year’s festival-judging solely off of the guy in the orange belting it out while holding a beer- I’m going to venture a guess that this is an event I don’t want to miss.

And in other, TWIF related news…

Last night an energetic crew of 6 volunteers tied on their aprons and rolled up their sleeves to participate in TWIF’s monthly Get Cookin’ event. After three hours of talking, chopping, laughing, and tasting, over a hundred meals were packed up and distributed to the homeless and the Jubilee Women’s Center. I asked one volunteer what was the most memorable part of her night was and she told me that while it felt really great to be able to provide meals for people in need, she really enjoyed the company of the other volunteers that came that night. After whipping up some culinary classics and packing it into individual servings, everyone gathered around to relax and enjoy some minestrone and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies themselves. If you want to join in on the fun check out the events listed on  TWIF’s website. Grab a friend (or come alone!) and get ready to meet some great people doing some great things, all in the name of fun :)

Also- don’t forget to get your tickets to the SAM Remix: Luminous: The Art of Asia for next Friday! There will be a DJ, an opportunity to learn the original ‘Thriller’ dance (you know you’re secretly dying to), special screenings, and so much more. TWIF is co-hosting the biggest and best party of the fall and we want to see you there! Join the TWIF mailing list by visiting our website and there might be a special ticket discount offer code in it for you ;)


-Amber Carrigan