Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Monday! Hope you’re recovering from your sugar-induced comas and aren’t too worse for wear on this beautiful morning. I read an interesting poll on Seattlites this morning that discussed people’s least favorite Halloween candy. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the people chose candy corn. Now, because candy corn just so happens to be my favorite of all the Halloween candies and I giddily welcome sugar-related comas, please feel free to leave a comment discussing when and where I can take these delicious treasures off your hands. Here at TWIF, we constantly strive to make our communities a better place. If this so happens to mean helping friends and neighbors dispose of their unwanted Halloween candy, well then so be it :)

Just kidding! Well…sort of.

On Friday night some of our super staff and volunteers attended the SAM’s REMIX event- Luminous: The Art of Asia. According to TWIF staffer Regan, “The REMIX was a lot of fun! We had four people handing out buttons and cards to the party goers and we met a lot of really cool people. The atmosphere was really lively, too. So many lights, things to see, and sequins! There was a really cool DJ that was playing a mix of American and Indian club hits, and we got to check out all the art stations and performers that were set up all throughout the main level of the museum.”

We’d like to send out a special thank you to Regan and her TWIF volunteer team for assisting the SAM and co-hosting such a successful event! If you’d like to get involved in one of our many exciting opportunities you can always check out our website. Or better yet, join our mailing list to get updates sent to your inbox and be sure that you never miss out on the fun!

Speaking of fun, if handing out candy to the hoards of hershey-hungry neighborhood kids isn’t your idea of happy Halloween, consider grabbing some friends and heading out to one of the many trivia nights in Seattle tonight. If you’ve never been to trivia before (and given its wild popularity with the 20 and 30 somethings in this town I’d be shocked if you haven’t) you can expect to drink a few beers, eat some greasy pub food, and laugh over your astounding amount of useless knowledge. Or, specifically in my case, lack thereof. Different joints have different themes and question types, but usually you can expect to sit a table with you friends for a couple hours and try to identify pop culture pictures and sound clips and answer an array current and past event questions. A whole list of Monday night trivia locations can be found here, with many of them showing their holiday spirit by hosting Halloween-themed categories.

A trivia night lover myself, I can attest that:

Greenlake Bar and Grill has a usually lively crowd as many come for Monday Night Football and stay for trivia. This place is home to the Pig Mac, and believe me that’s reason enough to get out out of the house and into your thinking caps.

Kate’s Pub in Wallingford is a more relaxed and fun than some other places you can go to. People seem to take the game less seriously so it’s great for any level of player and the host is pretty great! Be forewarned that tonight they’re opting to have a wild karaoke rager in lieu of trivia. So if you’re up for a party then don your costume tonight and come back next week for the usual Monday night event.

Prost! Tavern in Phinney Ridge is cozy and the beer is unbeatable. Get here quick though, seating is limited and there’s usually a pretty loyal crowd that comes.

The Ram in U Village is super packed with energetic college kids mostly looking to take advantage of the housebrewed killer 3$ beer deal. If you fancy yourself a trivia mastermind then this could be the place for you-your age might render you a hefty leg up on your mostly 21 year old competition.

There’s way more places hosting trivia tonight than I went over, so be sure to check here for a more comprehensive list. Wherever your Halloween brings you tonight, we hope you have fun!

-Amber Carrigan