We Have a Winner!

Whew! Our moth’s worth of hairy festivities has now come to an end and we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2011 Beard and Stache Fest. However, we’re even more thrilled to announce that with your support we were able to raise over $11,000.00 to date for Treehouse and the foster kids of King County!

It has been a spectacular month and we could not have done it without you – Thank You.

Without further ado….

1st Place -
Stachelicious of Whisker Rebellion

Stachelicious managed to offer the whisker-loving public tasty delights all month! His silky stache, who ran the show at Smith and who apparently ran the Beard and Stache Fest show at large, uses only a comb to keep his hairs in place. Was it a recipe of software programming, and an undying love for politics, cappuccinos, and Celine Dion that made his stache who it is today? You be the judge…

Best Team – The Whisker Club from Elysian Fields

These Whisker Club winners are only a small sampling of the members of Bremerton’s greater Whisker Club. These gents, who take their facial hair quite seriously, 365 days a year, strive to have fun, promote the growth of facial hair, and participate in competitions among those who are proud of their whiskers and benefit the community. In fact, many of them have competed in Beard and Stache Fest all three years and every year they have had a presence in the winners’ circle. The club has raised funds for Childrens Hospital, United Way, Benedict House (Catholic Community Services), Washington Veterans Home, WIN (Women in Need) and Treehouse.

2nd Place – Donald Marckwick of The Whisker Club Donald, a long-standing member of Bremerton’s notorious Whisker Club knows how to grow – and take care of – his luscious facial mane, regardless of his Dirt Surgeon day job. His team’s cans resided at Elysian Fields and a little purple jar of indeterminate beard-styling goo resided on his bathroom counter. How long does it take him to get ready in the morning? Only his lovely wife Patti knows, but whatever it may be, it won him 2nd place in last years contest. Keep up the good work!

3rd Place – JP Dand of The Hair Club for Men At Grim’s pub lived the most glorious of bearded gingers, a Virgo who loves wine, food, and cards (though not necessarily in that order). This digital marketing guru uses a dobb of Clubman to keep his beard coiffed to fluffy perfection; nature takes care of the rest.

We could not have done this without you… Thank you to everyone who came out to support the events, our fabulous volunteers that made the events happen, all the guys who mugged for the camera and our fabulous sponsors.

-Amy Faulkner