Game Day Adventures

As an alumni of the University of Washington I feel entitled to certain privileges. I can carry around my keys on my Dawg lanyard. I can wear my “I bark for Sark” t-shirt to the gym. I can carry around my Washington Alumni water bottle to said gym while wearing the Sark t-shirt and look fantastic in all my purple. And I have a solid excuse for blowing a whole Saturday afternoon sitting in a bar, downing pints of beer, and cheering for my boys with strangers decked in purple for four blissfully boozy hours.

This last Saturday had the glorious forecast of all other away games this season: Boozy with no chance of productivity. As far as venues for the away games go, I’ve pretty much tried it all. I’ve chanted with the youthful fratties in the Ram at U-Village, I’ve booed with the old boys at the Wedgwood Ale House, and I’ve cheered with the crowd at the Ballroom in Fremont. For the game this weekend I grabbed a girlfriend and we trekked over to a newfound gem- The Attic in Madison Beach. I was a little skeptical to watch a football game in an area of town that I previously perceived to only suit the hip and swank, but after about 3 minutes inside the place I was infinitely happy I came.

Unlike the Ram where the bar seating is overstuffed with freshly minted 21 year old college kids, or Wedgwood where you’ll find more calm than camaraderie, The Attic was the perfect mix of outgoing 20 and 30 somethings looking to have a good time. We were able to walk right in and find a spot to sit (though I’m sure if you cut it too close to game time you may have to stand a bit) and had a good view of numerous flat screens lining the main room. I would have liked to see some happy hour specials, but being able to request half orders of almost everything on the menu basically made up for it.

My favorite part about the afternoon (besides the Dawg victory!) was cheering with the other fans who came to watch the game. Everyone was loud, friendly, engaged, and often times entertaining. At one point an overzealous fan climbed up on a table to proudly wave his school’s flag. He promptly came back down at the barking of an unamused server. Nevertheless, the flag boy seemed to understand that there’s nothing worse on game day than a quiet, lifeless bar. And so I booed the server like everyone else and happily cheered for his party. And I imagine I’ll be back a different day to cheer here again as I consider it to be a hidden game day gem.

If any of you have a favorite spot where you like to root for the home team I’d love to hear about it! The next away game is October 22nd it’s always fun to try something new :)

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend you can check out the Taste of Old Russia in Capitol Hill. The festival runs from 12-5 on Friday and Saturday and you can expect to sample treats and treasures from Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. I haven’t had any good piroshki in a hot minute so you just might find me there.


-Amber Carrigan