Movie Night Monday

I hope all of you enjoyed your (mostly) sunny weekend! I put on a brave face and made it out to the Haunted Forest in Maple Valley and then spent all Saturday enjoying the Seattle sports scene. If you’re thinking about checking out a haunted activity I would recommend the Haunted Forest to anyone who’s looking to have a good time. It wasn’t necessarily crying for my mommy scary, but my voice was definitely hoarse from all of the screaming I did. There’s something about little possessed ghoul children, especially when they ask you “don’t you want to play with me??” in that creepy little voice following me around, that really freaked me out. No, you little horrible gremlin child, I do NOT want to play with you.

Whenever I know I have a night off that I can waste away doing whatever I want, I often look to the Central Cinema in Capitol Hill to see what they’ve got going on. You can always count on them to have something quirky and fun happening. Tonight just so happens to be the last night that they’re showing Tim Burton’s classic ‘Beetlejuice’ on the big screen. The show is 21+ and starts at 9:30 and if you plan on sitting with the people you came with you had best plan on arriving early. This place packs up quickly with patrons looking to eat and drink and mingle before the show goes on. My favorite part about the theater is the enthusiasm of the crowd. Feel free to cheer, heckle, quote lines, scream out your wittiest one liner-everybody else is! At only 6$ a ticket you can definitely afford to splurge on the pizza and beer and rowdily quote the film with the rest of the happy movie goers.

Now that you’re all set for Monday activities I’d like to take a quick second to let you all in on a great ongoing project we here at TWIF are involved in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Treehouse: Treehouse is a fabulous non-profit in the Seattle area that is committed to improving the lives of children growing up in the foster system. Treehouse thrives off of volunteer help to provide educational programs, clothes and other necessities to over 5000 foster children in the area. On Saturday, the 22nd TWIF is organizing a large group of outgoing volunteers to lend a hand at Treehouse’s Wearhouse- a ‘store’ where foster children can shop for free for things like school clothes, shoes, coats, back packs, toys, and bikes. The Wearhouse serves over 2000 children in the Seattle area -and so we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand! We’ll be sorting, tagging, and restocking merchandise to help get the Wearhouse ready for shopping days. If you (and your friends too!) want to join the fun, go here to get more information. We’ll be there from 10am-2pm, it’s a great way to give back and meet some new people at the same time!

Hope you all have a great start to your week! Check back later to see other ways that you can give back, get out, have fun, or find a way that you can achieve all the above :)

-Amber Carrigan