Weekend’s Autumn-Themed Activities

I would like to start this post out by stating the fact that I absolutely live for the weekends. I spend all week waking up at 5am in order to get the gym, work, meetings, grocery stores, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and God knows whatever else the world requires of me, all done before it’s time to watch a half hour of trashy TV and crash into bed. But the weekends? Those are spent sleeping in, walking the dog, volunteer fun, baking goodies, and venturing out to whatever fun or quirky event Seattle is currently offering. For those of you who (like me) slave away all week in order to guiltlessly enjoy Saturday and Sunday off, I have crafted a list of ideas for fun things to spend your beloved free time on.

1. Elysian Brewing Company’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival Saturday 12pm-10pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm

Held at the new brewing facility in Georgetown, this beer festival seems to good to be true. For 20$ (pre-sale only) you’re given 6 drink tickets to sample any of the 50+ varieties of pumpkin ales offered this year. At 4 o’clock on both days a giant, booze-filled pumpkin will be tapped and you can use a ticket to drink it’s deliciousness. Screw V8, this is the only acceptable way to get my vegetable juice.

2. Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch

With over 10 in the surrounding area, you’re likely closer than you think to unleashing your inner kiddo. Some farms offer more activities beyond picking a pumpkin, including hay rides, corn mazes, and apple picking. Whether  you seek out the perfectly proportioned pumpkin or more of an oblong oddball,  you’re sure to find a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here’s a cool site to check out if you find yourself in need of some creative Jack-O-Lantern inspiration!

3. Dark Hollow Haunted Forest

Me and some girlfriends did this a couple of years ago and I think I’m finally ready to go back again. Please be forewarned, this place will scare the living daylights out of you. The gist is that there are three different paths you walk down (in pitch black terrifyingness) and each path has it’s own haunted house-style theme that’s scary enough to make grown men turn into bawling babies. The year I went there was one path that led down to an army medical tent where soldiers covered in blood were screaming things like “Holy sh*t. They weren’t human. Oh my god, we’re all going to die. Get me out”, and from out of no where ‘zombies’ started crashing into the tent’s canvas walls and we were all absolutely convinced we needed to run for our lives. I made the mistake of thinking it’d be a great idea to put my phone on ‘video’ and carry it around in my pocket so I could listen to the adventure later that night. After hearing all four of us actually sobbing for our mothers, I quickly deleted the video and hung my head in shame. Alas, a couple years older and (hopefully) braver, I fully intend on going back and not crying for my mommy.

4. 80’s Video Dance Attack

For those of you who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, don’t feel like participating in an autumn-themed adventure, the Neptune Theater is hosting an unreal 80’s flashback night. Themed attire encouraged, expect a room of Bon Jovi wannabes singing along to the likes of the Cyndi Lauper, Salt-N-Pepa, and Whitesnake videos playing on the big screen. Straight up now tell me, can you really pass an opportunity like this up?

I’ve gotten myself all excited now and there’s still 7 more hours until the weekend officially starts for me. Sorry to my boss for my poor productivity level today- I just can’t stop daydreaming about what’s to come! Check back on Monday to see what kinds of trouble I got myself into :)

Cheers and have a wonderfully fun weekend!

-Amber Carrigan