Operation Sack Lunch recap: How mac ‘n’ cheese helps Seattle’s homeless

On Saturday, an eager group of 15 volunteers, most of which were attending their first TWIF event (myself included), worked with Operation Sack Lunch to prepare a meal for The Compass Center. Although there was a small delay while waiting for the onsite contact to arrive, we were still able to prepare a substantial dinner in time to serve the men that The Compass Center provides for. This dinner included roast beef, mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans, salad and a delicious chocolate and vanilla cake topped with cherries. Not only did we prepare dinner, but we also assisted in the putting together of sack lunches, which would be distributed the following day.

I had a great time getting to know a handful of new people. They were friendly and enthusiastic about being able to participate in this event. Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful experience and their time and efforts put forth were greatly appreciated by the TWIF staff, The Compass Center and the men they serve.

-Melissa Dahl