Spring Forward- Fall Backwards Newsletter 11.11.11

TWIF’s Critical Core exists as the ‘can-do energy’ in the spaces between our volunteers, non-profits, and our corporate friendships. The Core not only recognizes the needs of local non-profits but has the motivation and relationships to set the resources in motion to satisfy those needs.

The Core is the natural by product of individuals and businesses working together to diversify and support our community. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all doing our part: when we talk to our friends about a volunteer event or when we persuade our favorite shopkeepers put a Beard and Stache Fest canister on the counter.

The Critical Core is why we do what we do: the events, the newsletter, the meetings; all of these are polaroids of the core at work. The Critical Core is shaped by the actions, the verbs, the doings which make things fun and ultimately better. It is name we have given to the goal we are working toward and the experience we want to share.

The Critical Core is the ‘Okay, here we go!’ feeling when we all take that first plunge at the beginning of a roller-coaster. The experience is exhilarating and we’re all going through it together.

Let’s take a ride on the wild side


Remember when every scrawny blond kid with feathered bangs and braces wanted to be a member of Team Schwinn’s BMX squad? But, their mothers thought it might be too dangerous and gave them clarinet lessons for their birthdays instead so they could be cool like the kids in swing band. Then every one of those kids snuck out after dark and played Dungeons and Dragons in their best friends’ basements because they had cable TV.  Remember that? Yeah, me neither. (ahem)

Anyway, you can capture the magic of those halcyon days by participating in the Bicycle Maintenance Party. with the Cascadia Bicycle Club. The CBC is preparing BMX bikes for its Basics of Bicycling workshops teaching elementary kids the fundamentals of cycle safety.

The uber knowledgeable CBC staff members will go over the basics with everyone: how to pump up the tires, make sure the pedals are attached, and give each repair team a checklist of items to check on each bike. Mechanical genius is helpful but certainly not obligatory: this is a great opportunity to learn some bike repair basics while doing some good for the kids. For the kids, man. For the Kids!

It will be just like working on bikes in your driveway during summer vacation. Except, it will be December, and you’ll be working with the right tools and someone nearby who knows what they’re doing. So, barring those minor exceptions, exactly the same.

Volunteer with Us

 The Wonderland Carousel
Friday, December 2nd – More Info

 Bicycle Maintenance Party
Wednesday, Dec. 14th – More info
 Treehouse Wearhouse
Saturday, January 21st – More info

Hope all you TWIFfers have a wonderful weekend and that we’ll be seeing you soon at one of our fun upcoming events!