Summer in Seattle- Pier 70

I continued feeling peaceful and relaxed when I walked a few steps down to Pier 70 and just stood there awing at the view. It was a good end to the day. The past few days have been stressful because I moved from Salt Lake City knowing no one, I’m subletting a room in a house of 6 rooms, but there is only 1 person living here with me at the moment. It’s been lonely and stressful, but the feeling that I got at the Park and Pier 70 relaxed me a lot. Seeing this view reminded me that I could always go there whenever I feel like life is getting too crazy, it’s just a bus ride away. This is what I saw today.

Probably my favorite picture of the day. So peaceful, it really shows what Seattle is all about.

Here’s Pier 70. I love the outside of this building.

View from the pier. The sound is so calm.

Mt. Rainier behind all the industrial machines

I loved the view from this pier. It was such an amazing view. Definitely different from Salt Lake, which is what I’ve been viewing for the last 5 years. Well, Pier 70 was the end of the road for today and I left smiling because of this picture:

A family on Segways! Segways always make me giggle. They are so silly looking. I’ve never ridden one and I’m sure they’re fun, but they always remind me of Paul Blart: Mall Cop :)

Until next time!