The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

It may have come to your attention that the according to Starbucks, Macys, and Justin Bieber that Christmas is upon us. Irregardless of the fact that Thanksgiving has yet to share with us its ever abundance of turkey and pie, you simply can’t avoid the Christmas cheer when spotting Santa in Macy’s holding a Starbucks Christmas cup and nodding his head along to the Bieb’s Christmas album that’s prepubescently serenading the store.

And while I do love Thanksgiving and the football and the family and the 6 different pies that top the table at my mom’s house- I am a Christmas holiday fanatic. I start watching ‘Elf’ the day after Halloween to get in the spirit. I’m cutting out snowflakes, baking gingerbread, lighting cinnamon scented candles, and shopping for a new wreath for the door. Thankfully, there seems to be others out there who, like me, just can’t get enough of the green and red and we’ll all be congregating at Yulefest this weekend! 

Held at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, Yulefest promises a dizzying array of handcrafted gifts, Scandinavian fiddlers and folk dancers, and yummy Nordic snacks. Oh, and yes, SANTA will be there (though if you’re over the age of 12, I suggest you opt to write a heartfelt note rather than sit on his lap). Grab a glass of glögg and meander your way through the museum while enjoying the merry sights and sounds of this annual holiday fundraiser.

And speaking of Christmas cheer…

Buddy the Elf would say that “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear”…

TWIF would have to agree, though we’d argue that singing along with the Great Figgy Pudding Street Corner Caroling Competition while helping little tykes on and off the magical Wonderland Holiday Carousel is a little more effective than plain ol’ singing loud.

On Friday, December 2nd lucky TWIF volunteers will be right smack in the middle of the caroling action while selling and taking tickets at King 5’s Holiday Carousel.

Benefitting the Treehouse organization, volunteers can feel good about helping local foster children while delighting in the 40+ caroling groups duking it out for a chance to compete in the sing-off on the Figgy Main Stage. There’s only a few coveted volunteer shifts left so grab a friend and get ready to make some new ones at our 5:45-10 volunteer slot!

-Amber Carrigan