New Year Detox!

The holidays are officially over. Whether this leaves you feeling relieved or depressed, the past several weeks of festivities (read: food and booze galore) may have left you bloated, sluggish, and unable to button your pants without an embarrassing amount of effort. Sound familiar?

No judgment! My holiday season included unnecessary amounts of eggnog, pie for breakfast on multiple occasions, a disgustingly epic buffet brunch with unlimited mimosas, and a lot of sweat suits worn past noon. While I don’t regret a single cookie, I’m feeling a little gross (anyone know what the symptoms of gout are?).

If you feel like your organs could use some cleansing to start 2015 off right, here are some great options around Seattle that can help give you a hard reset.


Clean out your system with Healeo’s delicious, organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, healthy food items and organic whole food supplements. They also offer a few different juice cleanse and detox options. Other great options for organic, cold pressed juice and juice cleanses in Seattle are Strawberry Moon Juice and Juice Box.

Remedy Teas

Put down the eggnog latte and try some tea at Remedy Teas! There are a multitude of health-boosting tea varieties on the menu, including a couple options intended for detoxing the body.

Banya 5

Sweat out the holiday toxins at Banya 5, a co-ed urban spa where an entry fee allows you full use of their parilka (Russian sauna), Turkish steam room, salt water pool, hot pool and cold plunge pool. A wide variety of massages, scrubs and mud wraps are also available. Capitol Hill’s Hothouse Spa offers a hot tub, sauna, steam room and cold plunge pool for women only.

Breathe Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is an amazing workout that will leave you feeling drained and exhausted in the best way possible (as well as completely drenched with sweat). Breathe Hot Yoga has three locations around Seattle and offers 60 and 90-minute Bikram-style classes as well as hot Pilates.  Check out their specials for first time students. For traditional Bikram yoga, Sweatbox Yoga is a great studio.

-Leah Wyatt is a Social Media Coordinator and Blogger for The World Is Fun