Do the majority of the last few month’s activities you did include gorging on delicious meals, popping as many chocolate truffles in your month as physically possible (they are so small they can’t be that bad for you right?) and lounging on the couch in extra-large pants that two of your could normally fit into while watching your favorite movies until approximately 2PM? If so you are not alone my friends!

Are you now wondering why your favorite jeans suddenly are a little snug (must have been washed on hot vs. cold if you ask me, but, I guess there could be other reasons, maybe)? It might be time to start 2015 out on the right two feet by getting a new pair of your favorite shoes, your favorite spandex jumpsuit (OK I guess spandex isn’t the most flattering so any workout clothes will suffice) and hitting the Seattle streets with one thing in mind: Dedication to wearing those jeans comfortably with no concern of them splitting and putting you in a somewhat compromising position!

We can think of a few places that are awesome for a nice workout, great scenery and people watching to help pass the time! Our top 3 recommendations include: Green Lake, Discovery Park and The Lake Union Loop.

Green Lake

Green Lake is great for getting back into the swing of things and there is always epic people watching if you go on a weekend morning or afternoon. If you’re looking for the best views the inner loop is your go-to option with a flat 2.8-mile paved path that has beautiful views of the lake.  One thing that’s great about this path is not only that it’s flat, but there are also ample bathrooms so you don’t need to use your sock if all this activity gets your juices flowing a little too much! A small downfall is that this path is not a secret and many folks probably have the same idea as you and some of them may be on bikes, pushing strollers, rollerblading—you name it—so it can be a bit like a maze, which could be right up you alley and perfect for people watching, but you need to be prepared. However, if you’re up for it there is a slightly longer outer loop with a lot less traffic and views almost just as nice. For more details check out the Seattle Gov park site.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is great because of its versatility of terrain, amazing views and the feeling you get of being miles away from home when it’s right in your backyard. One of my favorite trails on this park is the Loop Trail. Just like Green Lake the loop is 2.8 miles, however, this trail is a little more advanced with a few hills and some rocky terrain, but epic views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains! A few pointers for this trail are to be sure to read all the signs since there are multiple trails that all interconnect and I wouldn’t wear your best shoes since it could be muddy, however, ultimately it’s a great path and definitely one of my favorites! To learn more about the Loop Trail and the rest of Discovery Park check the Seattle Gov park site.

Lake Union Loop

Finally, the Lake Union Loop. It’s a perfect combination of city running, crossing over a few bridges and amazing views of Lake Union. If you’re lucky enough you may even see a float plane taking off while you’re working out. From my experience, this trail is a little less traveled than Green Lake or Discovery Park until you get to the stretch on the Burke-Gilman and it’s also longer at 6.2 miles if you’re feeling like you want to go all in. One great stop along the way or for a little cool down after you’re done is Gas Works Park. You can take a walk up to the top of the hill and do a well-needed and deserved stretch while you take in the Needle & the Ducks on Lake Union. Check out a map of the entire loop.

I hope these 3 workout spots help bring some much needed inspiration for the coming year! Now, if you’re reading this there is a good chance you are sitting around in those comfy pants again, as am I, so let’s both get up and enjoy the great Seattle outdoors!

-TWIF Blogger Looking to Fit into her Skinny Jeans Again, Katie Darren