Six Great Happenings in Seattle in 2014

It’s a pretty cool time to live in Seattle. Some might even think of it as a “Second Renaissance” (the first, of course, being the grunge-y early nineties). 2014 was big for Seattle in several ways, and here are just a few you might want to remember with us. So sit back in your Richard Sherman jersey, pour yourself an ice cold local IPA and turn on some local indie tunes. Things are about to get Seattle-y.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Seahawks Win the Superbowl: It’s no secret, the Seahawks are quite talented, but The 12th Man could have told you that a while ago. The lead up to last year’s Superbowl here in Seattle was amazing. 12th Men flags were flying atop the Space Needle and GO SEAHAWKS messages could be seen on public busses. While some might criticize “bandwagon fans” for suddenly caring about sports, I say, why the heck not? The Seahawks are awesome and it’s fun to have a common cause to rally around.

Paseo Closes: But how could this possibly be a “great thing,” you ask? Well, my friends, the answer is that Paseo has reopened as of this month, and according to some Yelp reviews, they’re as good as ever. I haven’t been to the new location yet, but I hope that’s true. Hopefully Seattle can once again enjoy superbly cooked Caribbean pork sandwiches in both Fremont and Ballard.

Toronado Opens: Toronado opening this summer was great news for all Seattle beer geeks. San Francisco contains the original Toronado—a somewhat divey bar in the lower Haight that’s considered to be one of the west coast’s most important craft beer bars. Now some of that beery goodness has graced the Emerald City—the Ravenna neighborhood—to be exact. Expect to find 40 taps of the finest craft beer and a wide selection of tequila, bourbon and scotch.

Dand’s Day Happens at Golden Gardens: TWIF ended the summer with a bang at Golden Gardens in September. In honor of our fifth birthday (and TWIF V.P. Josh P. Dand’s birthday), we celebrated on the sandy shores of Puget Sound with live music, hamburgers fresh off the grill, BINGO and an epic bonfire. And yes, since this was a TWIF event, there was also a beach beard competition.

Tallulah’s Opens on Capitol Hill: Technically Tallulah’s officially opened in December 2013. But Seattle had all of 2014 to give it solid reviews. Linda Derschang, creator of Linda’s and Oddfellows, brings a Spanish and Moroccan vibe to this place. The brunch—especially the eggs benedict—is supposedly extremely delicious.

Seattle Becomes Insanely Popular: It’s not that Seattle was ever really unpopular, right guys? Maybe we were (and still are) considered somewhat weird. But at least we seem to be earning a bit more respect. We're named the smartest city in America, the "most liked" city in the country, one of the 10 best cities to find a job in, the leader in LGBT equality, the second greenest city in America (and we legalized green things recently), #2 in literacy, and, most importantly, #1 in indie music sales. Not too shabby for a humble port city known for coffee beans and rain, huh?

-Maggie Tarnawa, (almost) native Seattleite