Salon of Shame

Looking for an excuse to drink with friends while laughing (and cringing) at readings from Seattleites’ adolescent journals? I thought so. The Salon of Shame’s tagline is “Exploiting our past youth for laughs,” and the evening of readings from love letters, diaries, LiveJournal pages, and poetry is absolutely hilarious.

An old friend introduced me to the show last week where we heard everything from a lustful diary entry about seeing George Michael in concert to a melodramatic email found in the depths of an old AOL account. What I loved most about the whole experience was that no matter the nationality, religion, or age of the reader or audience member, everyone in the room could collectively laugh about how ridiculous our teen selves were. I only wish I hadn’t shredded my diary before college (in fear of my sister discovering my secrets). Who knew keeping my old writing would provide others with such joy?

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The organization has become a cult favorite and will celebrate 10 years of embarrassing stories this November. Salon of Shame takes place at the Theatre off Jackson in the International District every two months. Tickets go on sale three weeks prior to the show and sell out within minutes online & via phone, so mark your calendars to book your tickets for March’s show on February 15, 2015! I know I’ll be there.

-Elaine Erwin, TWIF Graphic Designer