All Things Pumpkin Spice

Alright TWIF loves, it’s time to go basic. Autumn is here and we are ready for the leggings, the scarfs, the boots. Apple picking dates and pumpkin patching are now a norm. And most importantly...PUMPKIN SPICE is back. It’s definitely a craze and I’ve tried it all. Trust me when I say, some things shouldn’t be flavored for fall. 

Hello PSL.png

Let’s start with the famous PSL. It’s totes everyone’s fave fall drink! I actually tried one today, my first, and I give Starbucks major props for probably the best spun marketing campaign in history. Not only does this drink smell like a Yankee candle, it’s also orange; not the lovely burnt apricot of a homemade pumpkin pie, it’s more like canned butternut squash soup. For a mere $6.00 friends, you too can have a “coffee-like” beverage. I instagram modeled the experience just for you.                  

I had no idea how many things could come in pumpkin spice until I went looking for them.  Some sounding more promising than others. Some just plain disappointing...sorry PSL.

If you’re a Trader Joe’s junkie then you’ll have triple the fun because almost every product they have in the store now comes in a fall flavored palate. This photo is just one endcap of many to prove it. They have pumpkin raviolis with pumpkin sauce. They have pumpkin O’s cereal and pumpkin bars. They even had pumpkin butter! And it makes everything you put it on taste like a pumpkin pie, it is delicious, go buy some right now.

Oreos have always loved the holidays, and come in yellow packaging with orange centers. Donuts, muffins, scones, and even cinnamon rolls can be found at any supermarket in this fancy flavor. Twinkies even joined the party, albeit the classic is much better.

It was quite the adventure trying all these trending treats. But I will say this, everything about fall feels familiar. And I think that’s why pumpkin spice became so popular. Who doesn’t have a pumpkin pie at their Thanksgiving dinner? It’s the flavor of family and the holidays. It makes us feel good. So even though it’s not my favorite, I’m down to be basic for a while.

-Carmen Galderisi, TWIF Blogger