5 Reasons to Volunteer at Clips Beer and Film Tour

Next Friday, July 31st we’re hosting an awesome event: Clips Beer and Film Tour. We hope you can join us as a volunteer. But why exactly should you volunteer? Well, we've come up with 5 reasons!

1 Clips Beer and Film Tour is an Awesome Organization

100% of the proceeds from beer sales at the event benefit a local non-profit who are working to improve the community. The Clips Beer & Film Tour has raised more than $520,000 for local organizations, and 75,000 people have sampled beer and watched films. They’ve also diverted 85% of event waste from landfills.

2 Esoteric, Unique (and Delicious) Beers

We’re not joking around here (and neither is New Belgium Brewing). Some of the very cool selections include a Lips of Faith Pear Ginger beer, Trippel (ale brewed with coriander) and a spiced chocolate porter called Cocoa Molé. Yes please.

3 Awesome Films

4 Movies Outside are the Best

Movies are great, and Summer Weather is great. Therefore, combining the two is doubly-great. Plus, have you seen how freaking awesome Gas Works Parks looks at sunset?

5 Sweet, Sweet Volunteer Rewards

Volunteer with us, and you’ll go home with a New Belgium Thank You pack and an exclusive invite to our fun filled after-party...

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...And to give you a taste of their sense of humor, we leave you with this video from New Belgium Brewing. Cheers!

-Maggie Tarnawa, TWIF Blog Manager