Join us for Resolution Bingo - THIS SUNDAY January 31 @7pm!!!

October through January is the season of overindulgence; we’ve spoiled ourselves, and our families, We’ve eaten all the treats, and drank our way to yuletide bliss. The 'holidaze' are finally over and we’ve had a chance to relax -  and, if you’re like 99% of the population, you’re already bored.  

Sometimes, beer IS the answer!

Sometimes, beer IS the answer!

Luckily we’ve got the perfect event to help you get out and give back. The World Is Fun is hosting another epic Bingo & Beer night on January 31st, this time with a new year's twist.

Our bingo isn’t traditional - its better! We've got trivia, physical challenges, and prizes. Come join us at the Ballard Beer Company for a night you might not remember, but definitely not one to forget! The theme is going to be Resolutions! Also -  even more awesome: 10% of the proceeds will be donated to help make TWIF even awesomer (by supporting our efforts with our 70 local non-profit partners)!

So, make sure you study all those US Weekly’s and People magazines for the latest crash diets and cosmetic adjustments- because even the newest 2016 fails could show up in the games. Get your friends together and celebrate surviving the “New Year, New You” month. Besides, everyone knows you’ll really nail those resolutions in February!  

- Carmen Galderisi, Social Media Team Member