And the Oscar Goes to.... The Best Host!

The Red Carpet is rolled out, cameras flashing in all directions, gorgeous gowns, and you on your couch praying that Leo finally gets the Oscar he deserves. The 88th Academy Awards or “Oscars” are coming up on the 28th.   What better way to watch them then with an Oscar themed party?

Here are a few steps to get your party started!

TAKE ONE! Invite all your Oscar loving friends and family!

The guest list is always the most important part. Only A-list watchers should be there. You want someone who going to put down the phone and enjoy all the best moments.

TAKE TWO! Decorations. Only gold allowed!

Have fun with the decorations! Must buys for decor are: gold screamers, cardboard cut-out awards, champagne flutes with gold sparkles. Add Christmas lights around your living room to let the mood. Create an activity where everyone makes Oscar ‘trophies’ out of recyclables and the best one wins a prize at the end.

TAKE THREE! award-winning appetizers and champagne!

Popcorn buckets, champagne, and maybe a few themed appetizers?  The host can supply the popcorn and champagne but have each guest bring a small appetizer that is based off one of the movies nominated for an Oscar. Here are just a few ideas for Oscar nominated movie appetizers:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road: Survival is hard, make something easy? Dip and chips or a simple  dessert
  • The Martian: Potatoes! Any type of dish that includes potatoes
  • Spotlight: Based in Boston so maybe Boston Baked Beans or Boston Cream Pie
  • The Revenant: A less scary version of a bear maybe some gummy bears or teddy grahams!
  • Room: It is about escape and discovery, maybe make that adventurous recipe you’ve been thinking about but haven’t tried yet

SCENE FOUR: Games (because commercials are the worst)

Here are a few fun game ideas to try out:

  •  DIY Ballots: Before the show starts have everyone fill out handmade ballots and reveal everyone’s ballots after the Best Picture to see how close everyone was to the actual results.
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Acceptance Speech: A fun Oscar version of Mad Libs!

AND CUT! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Let’s be real - we don’t need fancy gowns and A-list celebrity parties, just PJs, snacks, awesome décor and games a comfy couch and a great group of friends.


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- Angel Laycock, TWIF Social Media Coordinator (Menu ideas contributed by TWIF Blogger Denise Segler)