Set Your TWIF Support in Stone!

As you know -  this year we are celebrating our community by giving you a chance to be part of our courtyard with your very own customized paver in our awesome outdoor space! What better gift to get for yourself, or your friend or partner while also supporting TWIF's work! You even get to come to an exclusive reveal party

True to our love of creativity and the individuality of our community -  you can personalize these however you want! We Still have over 200 12 inch by 12 inch cement pavers available to fill our outdoor space. We want our outdoor space to be as beautiful, interesting, and colorful as our AWESOME membership and community!  

You have all kinds of options

We need your help to make our courtyard and the world a more awesome place at the same time!

In case you were looking for an excuse or some inspiration -  today is National Staff Appreciation Day, March is Peanut Butter Month and National Craft Month, or make this anniversary a 'concrete' anniversary!

Thanks for making the world fun with us -  and making our courtyard a fun place to hang with fun people!

check it out here: