Top Five Day Hikes

It’s hard to find another regional culture that appreciates the sunny months as much as Seattleites. From April to October (if we're lucky!) we like to be outside, taking advantage of the warmer, drier weather. To make the most of your weekends, here are five of my favorite hikes you can easily do in a day.

Wallace Falls

If you’re looking for a little challenge with an amazing view, Wallace Falls might just be perfect. It is pretty popular so if you’re going to make the trip head out early to have a little serenity at the falls - all nine of them. The best part of this hike is that you can customize! If you’re feeling exhausted at Middle Falls, you still got to see a lot of beauty. Make the extra push to the upper falls and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Just be sure to have a tasty treat saved for the top.

Ashland Lakes  

This is a great starter hike, if you’ve been binge-watching Netflix and baking too much over the colder months like me. It’s a beautifully scenic bushwalk that leads you to three lakes, each one more stunning than the other. There are designated camping spots near each lake that are perfect places to stop and enjoy the views right on the water. A few miles further than Lake 22, this is a much less popular trailhead which means you have a lot more space to enjoy the nature. This one is totally worth the trip!


Mount Pilchuck  

Probably the most difficult hike on my list, you’ll definitely need to be prepared to complete this journey. Not only is the incline pretty impressive, but also the path itself poses a few challenges mostly it’s lack of signage. Since the lookout is very popular I would suggest going on a weekday. However chances of getting to have the firehouse to yourself are very slim. Luckily nature people are happy people and you might just meet a few new friends while you’re there enjoying the panoramic views.


Oyster Dome

The first mile or so of this hike is pretty strenuous with switchbacks claiming most of the elevation. However there is a reprieve at the first lookout point. Continue up to the top to enjoy a gorgeous view of the San Juan Islands. The earlier you arrive at the top the longer you can enjoy the changing scenery, when the fog clears it is magical. Enjoy the top because the hike down is just as steep as the hike up! But much easier in my opinion.

Little Si

A true test in how ready you are to tackle some of the more precarious hikes in the area. Little Si provides a great incline and a surprising view. There are a few loops you can take if you’re looking to challenge yourself even further, including the gorgeous Mount Si. If you’re feeling ambitious this can be the perfect day. Double the views and the accomplishments.

So there you have it, my non-expert opinion of some of my favorite day hikes in the area. Hopefully they help you enjoy some of this beautiful weather!

- Carmen Galderisi, TWIF blogger