The World is Fun is excited to bring Bubble Fütbol to Seattle this fall and we want you to be part of the fun! What is Bubble Fütbol you ask? Well, it is a game of soccer with players encased in zorb-like inflatable bubbles and then encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball.

Much like traditional soccer, the game got its roots in Europe and is just starting to sweep the United States by storm.


We are looking for team sponsors for our upcoming tournament to be held at Bobby Morris Playfield at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill on (September weekend date TBD). The tournament will host eight teams competing for the Golden Bubble. This event is not only a great opportunity for you to sponsor a team, have fun and connect your business with a fun new idea in Seattle, its also a fundraiser for The World is Fun’s programs. In the past five years, The World is Fun has worked with over 70 local nonprofits, engaged over 3000 Seattleites in volunteering and gave over half a million dollars in service to the Seattle community.


The details:

The cost of sponsoring one of the eight teams for the tournament is $350. Your team will have a minimum of seven players. You can create your own team, we can help you find players, or we can do a combination of both. Teams will compete in a bracketed tournament of 30-minute games.


In addition to supporting a cause that supports the Seattle community, your team will get recognition on the field for this high profile tournament, on our website and in our media releases. Since this is the first Bubble Fütbol tournament in Seattle we anticipate that it will create a lot of excitement around it.

Want to see Bubble Fütbol in action? Check out this video.

 Sign up! Space is limited to eight teams. Reserve yours today by signing up here!

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