Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (Director) the Grants Writer will spearhead all grant writing opportunities as The World is Fun continues to grow. The successful candidate will be responsible for the identification, cultivation, preparation, submission, follow up and monitoring of corporate and foundation grants including management of the foundation grant calendar focusing on detail and timelines; also maintain foundation correspondence as applicable to the grant process. Provides support to the administration by locating and pursuing funding opportunities. Ability to prioritize and work well under tight deadlines must be able to coordinate efforts with other departments. 


  • The grant writer must gain a complete understanding of The World is Fun and the programs for which he or she is requesting funding. To do this, the writer will interview key people in the organization, and perform comprehensive research into the project 
  • Perform in-depth research into grant-making organizations 
  • Write grant applications that display meticulous grammar and spelling 
  • Analyze the feasibility of the project's budget 
  • Research each grant-making association's guidelines 
  • Strictly adhere to these guidelines 
  • After submitting a grant proposal, keep in contact with each grant-making organization to check on the progress 
  • If requested, submit progress reports to any grant-making organization that has funded a program 


  • Persuasive: You must be able to make your proposal sound so attractive that the grant-making company will be happy to fulfill your request
  • Analytical: A grant writer will need to use both analytical and creative skills. First, he or she will analyze the data. How much money can this project potentially receive? Which grant-making organizations would be most likely to fund this project? 
  • Creativity: The next step involves choosing the most creative solution for presenting the grant proposal. Perhaps the writer can use a visual image, such as a potential ad about the project, with the grant-making company's logo at the bottom of the page. To appeal to the auditory senses, the writer could create a mock-radio announcement that advertises the project and, once again, mentions the grant-making company. 
  • Problem Solving: Creative problem solving is another talent that characterizes the best grant writers. This is especially important during weak economic times, when grant-making organizations are low on funds, and only the most convincing proposal will win the grant. The grant writer must take a Jedi attitude: "Do or do not. There is no try." 
  • Oral and Interpersonal Skills: In many cases, the grant writer job description will include face to face or telephone conversation with the grant-making organization. This requires, charm, charisma and a dynamic personality. 
  • Cost Consciousness: The grant writer must be frugal, and have the ability to work within the proposed budget. 

Time Commitment
Our Grant Writers commit to approximately 10 flexible hours plus one evening team meeting per month.

CompensationThis is a volunteer position with no financial compensation.