Here's everything volunteers will need to know for Kirkland Uncorked, Washington’s summer wine festival!

What to do to prepare: Upon checking in at the event, you will need to read the event Rules and Regulations. You can find them below if you want to save some time at check-in. We do ask that you please review this quick alcohol safety video before your shift.



Can't make it?: Please let us know by emailing - it will help us plan accordingly.

Where to go: The event is held in Marina Park in Kirkland. The address is 25 Lakeshore Drive, Kirkland, WA 98033.

When to go: You will want to arrive on-site at the time of your scheduled shift. Please note that this event has street closures and allow ample time to arrive at the park. If you cannot remember the shift time that you registered for, you can look for your shift confirmation from Universe or simply reply to this email and we can look it up for you.

Traffic Advisory: Those traveling from Seattle should know that there will be a westbound closure of the 520 bridge which could affect your ride home. Eastbound lanes will be open, but on the way home you will need to take an alternate route.

How to find us: Upon arrival at Marina Park you will see signs for Volunteer Check-In. The Volunteer Check-In area is located to the right of the entrance gate. If you do not see the signs, ask anyone in a Kirkland Uncorked t-shirt!

What to bring: A water bottle and a snack are never a bad idea. 

What to wear: Comfortable shoes and layers in case the weather turns - this is an outdoor event. You will be given an event t-shirt to wear during your shift. 

Will we be inside or outside? This event is outside - be prepared for the weather and don't forget sunscreen if it is sunny!

Training: Our team will be there to show you everything you need to know upon arrival!

Bring a friend: We still need volunteers for this event and we would appreciate any efforts you make in helping us find more volunteers. Feel free to tell your friends and co-workers - just make sure they register for a shift here

Is there parking? Due to the size of the event, parking in the area can be difficult to find. Please allow ample time upon arrival as you will likely have to park a distance away. Sadly, we are unable to acquire parking. We recommend parking in the Wester Lot - its on 3rd Avenue in between 1st and 2nd Streets. 

How does this help? Proceeds from this event go to Homeward Pet Adoption Center!

Age Requirement: 21+


As a perk for volunteering, you are eligible for the following:

Volunteers on shifts Friday, Saturday, or before 1pm on Sunday: Volunteers will receive admission to the event plus 10 tasting tokens after their shift. If you have an evening shift, you are welcome to use your admission the following day.

Volunteers on the Saturday, 6:30pm shift: Since you are volunteering at the end of the day, you are eligible to attend the event on either Friday or Sunday. You will receive admission to the event plus 12 tasting tokens. Due to WSLCB laws, we cannot provide you with tokens before your shift on Saturday.

Volunteers on shifts after 1pm on Sunday: Since you are volunteering at the end of the day, you are eligible to attend the event on either Friday or Saturday. You will receive admission to the event plus 12 tasting tokens. Due to WSLCB laws, we cannot provide you with tokens before your shift on Sunday.  

*Please note that you will need to change out of your volunteer shirt before attending the event. 

Kirkland Uncorked - Wine/Beer Pouring Rules & Regulations

Policies while working behind the winery table

Our Special Occasion License gives the event permission to operate as a bar for two days. This means we must comply with all rules and regulations set by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board.

These rules and regulations are put in place by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board to keep all staff, volunteers, and guests safe. The event is responsible for enforcing these rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all involved and not jeopardize the Homeward Pet Adoption’s Center ability to secure a Special Occasion Liquor License in the future. It is possible you may not like the rules and regulations and if this is the case, we ask you to set aside your disagreement and comply with all of these rules and regulations so we can ensure the safety of all involved. You could be legally fined if you do not follow the below rules and laws.

  • Intoxicated Guests: Please do not serve intoxicated people. You make the ultimate decision on whether to serve a person. If you need help, let your winery area manager know and they will call for a back-up if needed.
  • Giving away wine or beer will not be tolerated. It is illegal.
  • As per Washington State Liquor Laws drinking before or during a shift is not allowed and this will be strictly enforced. Some individuals may choose to drink at lunch or while on a break. Please realize that if a liquor control agent sees anyone drinking and then return to his or her booth to pour beer, that person and the festival will be fined. Drinking behind the booth is against the law. Liquor Control Board Agents WILL be among the crowd and watching.
  • Winery Entrance: Brewery volunteers and staff can only enter/exit the event through the Volunteer Entrance located to the right of the main event entrance. Security will not let you enter/exit through the event entrance.
  • Winery Area Managers: Each volunteer will be assigned to a Winery Area Manager and your Area Manager will be assisting throughout your shift. If you need anything, such as ice, more wine for serving or a break, let them know. If you see someone that needs to be cut off let the Area Manager know and he will have our security personnel deal with the person.
  • Relief Pourers: If you need a volunteer to give you a break, please communicate with your Winery Area Manager.
  • Shift Change: When your shift is over, please make sure your replacement has arrived to relieve you. If you leave before the next staff arrives, there will be no one to pour your beer. Please check in with your Winery Area Manager before you leave.
  • Tasting Glasses:  We have a festival wine glass to pour into. Please do not pour into any other glass than the festival glass, unless advised by your Winery Area Manager. This may occur if we run out of festival glasses.
  • Tokens: As a wine pourer you can only accept tasting tokens. Remember to take the token first and then pour the wine using the regulated pour spouts. Please keep your token jar behind the counter so you will be the only one putting tokens into your token jar to avoid fake tokens or guests who insist that they put tokens into the jar while you were not looking. Do not accept anything except official tokens; there is only one design. We are counting tokens per winery. If your token jar is getting full please let the Winery Area Manager know and they will notify a Token Runner to collect them.
  • Winery Volunteer Staff: Only two Winery Volunteer Staff are permitted behind the booth at once.