Ninkasi Brewing

Ninkasi is the official beer of The World is Fun!

The ancient Sumerians worshipped the beer they made and praised the goddess Ninkasi for the miracle of fermentation. As one of the first-known communities, the Sumerians began to forgo hunting and gathering for an agrarian existence, establishing the first foundations of modern civilization. They understood the value of beer in their communities and relied on the brewery as a pillar and hub of social connectivity. Additionally, beer and the fermentation process provided potable water, nourishment, health, and joy. It was the catalyst for written language and education; all valuable contributors to an evolved quality of life and living.

In tribute to this tradition, Ninkasi is dedicated to brewing excellent craft beers, supporting the communities where they operate, and having as much fun as possible along the way! They are proud to operate the Ninkasi Beer is Love program, which, in 2012 alone, contributed to more than 600 non-profits and community organizations throughout the areas they serve. None of this would be possible without the support of all Ninkasi beer enthusiasts.

They believe beer can continue to make the world a better place and want to do their part.

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The Ninkasi Better Living Room

Throughout history there have been many great duos. But who would have thought that a nonprofit and a beer company could make a great pair.

After several years of working together we acknowledged that although our missions and industries were vastly different, our purposes aligned. Ninkasi’s mission to “Perpetuate Better Living” and The World is Fun’s mission to engage the community almost seem like they were meant to be one of those famous duos. Since Hall and Oates already beat us to making dreams come true, we had to come up with something different.

And with that, the Ninkasi Better Living Room was formed as a meeting space not just to serve the purposes of The World is Fun, but the Seattle community as a whole.

The Ninkasi Better Living Room is a gathering space available to nonprofits, community groups, and other organizations to meet, greet, network, and grow. A space to have fun and a space to encourage new and exciting ways of making Seattle a better place to live.

Now that is something worth singing about.

That’s the Ninkasi Better Living Room

Event Participation

December 20, 2014 ­ Bad Santa ­ Roosevelt
December 19, 2014 ­ Bad Santa ­ Ballard
December 9, 2014 ­ New Tech Seattle Meetup
December 6, 2014 ­ Bad Santa ­ Georgetown
December 5, 2014 ­ Bad Santa ­ Capital Hill
November 11, 2014 ­ New Tech Seattle Meetup
October 29, 2014 ­ Beer & Bingo
October 21, 2014 ­ New Tech Seattle Meetup
September 9, 2014 ­ Hello, My Name is TWIF
August 12, 2014 ­ Hello, My Name is TWIF
August 11, 2014 ­ TWIF Member Night
July 14, 2014 ­ TWIF Member Night
July 8, 2014 ­ Hello, My Name is TWIF
June 26, 2014 ­ TWIF Bingo
June 20, 2014 ­ Beer Camp
June 10, 2014 ­ Hello, My Name is TWIF
June 9, 2014 ­ TWIF Member Night
May 12, 2014 ­ TWIF Member Night
May 11, 2014 ­ Hoppy Drinks on Tiny Links
May 10, 2014 ­ Barleywood SquaresMay 8, 2014 ­ TWIF­BQ
May 1, 2014 ­ Oso Benefit
April 17, 2014 ­ TWIF Intro Hour
March 11, 2014 ­ TWIF Intro HourMarch 7, 2014 ­ Bingo
February 20, 2014 ­ TWIF Intro Hour
January 23, 2014 ­ Yelp’s Holiday Hangover