Nov 19 - Pint$ with a Purpo$e at Ballard Beer Company

  • Ballard Beer Company 2050 NW Market St Seattle, WA, 98107 United States

The Ballard community is very important to Ballard Beer Company and they are showing our TWIF the Ballard love. As such, on Wednesday, November 19, a dollar from every beer you buy will go towards The World is Fun’s programs. Come join us for a beer, meet us, hear about our programs, and learn how you too can get involved.

Ballard Beer Company is a community minded business that believes that beer is fun, beer has history and beer is cool!  The Ballard neighborhood is home to some of the best brewers around and it is exciting to see how the beer culture here continues to grow.  There is a ton of enthusiasm throughout the region for the beer brewed right here in Ballard!

Their generosity will be all day, 4:00pm to 11:00pm. We will have representatives onsite starting at 6:00pm. TWIF Members who join us between 6:00 and 8:00pm and flash their member keychain will get their first tasty beverage on the tab of TWIF’s Board of Directors.

Not a TWIF Member yet? Members not only support TWIF’s programs, they also get special perks at local businesses. Find out more here.