Dec 6 - CouchFest Films

  • TWIF HQ 7551 B 15th Seattle, WA 98117 USA

The 2014 Couchfest Films International Shorts Film Festival will take place Saturday December 6th and one of the viewing locations is our very own Ninkasi Better Living Room within TWIF Headquarters! 

Ranked by Moviemaker magazine as one of the top 5 coolest film fests in the industry, Couch Fest Films is the largest single-day shorts film festival in the world - and the best part, the film viewing is happening in living rooms on couches around town.

Since 2008, Couch Fest Films is an annual cozy shorts film fest hosted in people's houses all over the world all on one day. During Couch Fest Films, lovers of film can sit shoulder to shoulder watching short films while stuffing their faces with the snacks they thought they had to sneak in.

Each year CouchFest presents films from such festivals as Sundance, SXSW, and Seattle International Film Festival to name a few.

Couch Fest Films is not an online event nor a broadcast event. They are a film festival that replaces traditional theater venues with cozy residential venues and alternative locations. So, during the festival, each host house and alternative location participating in Couch Fest Films around the world will present a unique program of short films.

To see when the film schedule for the day please click here.

Although not a TWIF volunteer event, the folks at CouchFest Films are still seeking a few volunteers for event day. If you are interested please fill out our volunteer form on their website.