Nov 7 - Abbey10 One Beat Concert Volunteering

  • St. Marks Cathedral 10th Avenue East Seattle, WA, 98102 United States

For their 10 year anniversary, Fremont's Abbey Arts is hosting 10 events across North Seattle celebrating arts and culture for all ages and income. Experience the diversity of 25 international musicians as they partake in a showcase of culture at St. Mark's Cathedral. Join in the fun and support Seattle's creative community as we celebrate the past 10 years and empower the future of Abbey Arts programs and events.

Abbey Arts focuses on local music, contemporary dance, visual art, spoken word, and storytelling.  Formats include multi-arts collaborative performances like The Round, intimate close-up concerts, new dance performances with live music, community gatherings like The Moth storytelling event, dance classes, plus a variety of workshops and artistic life celebrations. 100% of donations goes to support programs, including ArtsConnectYoung Artists, Abbey Artists, and affordable music & arts events.

Register to volunteer for the event below and you’ll not only help support the Seattle arts community, you’ll get to experience 25 unique international musicians! 

Shift: Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 4:30pm to 11:30pm
Location: St. Mark's Cathedral, 
10th Ave E,