Jul 14 - TWIF Beer Garden Volunteer Crew

  • The World is Fun 7551 B 15th Avenue NW Seattle United States

We are transitioning! As with all things in life, things sometimes change and we have an unexpected change to tackle. We are shifting our onsite event storage to a new (on-site) location and creating a beer garden for those attending TWIF events to enjoy. Imagine an extended Ninkasi Better Living Room with outdoor seating to enjoy!

This unexpected opportunity came our way and we are thrilled to make this transition however, we are very short on time for this transition in the middle of our busy events season. We have two weeks to make this transition and its going to take a village to pull it off. With the belief that “Many hands make light work”, we are seeking volunteers to help relocate and organize our storage area, weed and clean our new garden, and deep clean our headquarters.

Those that help on the two available dates (Tuesday July 7 and 14) will receive a special beer tasting in the new garden once it is complete.

Volunteer shifts are from 6-9pm.