Smith Tower Observation Deck

The Smith Tower Observation Deck is said to have great views from the middle of Seattle’s skyline including Mt. Rainier, the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges. The open-air observation deck provides a 35th floor view on all sides. But this is not just another observation deck; access to the observation deck is granted through the very last manually operated elevators on the west coast. Despite that fact, the crown jewel of the Smith Tower is the legendary 35th floor Chinese Room. The room’s name derives from the extensive carved wood and porcelain ceiling and the elaborately carved black wood furniture that were gifts to Mr. Smith from the Empress of China. This room is open to the public and available for rental.

The Observation deck is open year around and most holidays.
April – October – Daily 10:00 am until sunset
November – March – Saturday & Sunday only – 10:00am to 3:30pm
You may want to check the website,, beforehand to make sure there isn’t a private event happening at the time you want to go.

Located at 506 Second Avenue, in the heart of Pioneer Square.

Cost = $15 for two adults