VAN Professional Gathering -
10 Ways to Lose Volunteers

Thursday, October 26, 2017 from 11:30am to 1pm - The World is Fun, 7551 B 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Join us  at The World is Fun's Headquarters in Ballard. The topic this month will be “10 Ways to Lose Volunteers”. Our discussion will collectively determine the top 10 things that discourage volunteers, how we avoid them, and simple things we can do to glue volunteers to our mission. Bring your own sack lunch and enjoy a lively discussion.

TWIF is located at 7551 B 15th Avenue NW in Ballard. The office is tucked on the side of 7551 A (a hair salon). It is not super visible from the street but you will see our logo on the door and a large letter "B". There is usually plenty of free street parking in the neighborhood and a bus stop for the Rapid Ride D line in the same block.

We will have beverages onsite. Here are some nearby options for picking up your lunch:
UnBien ~ 7302.5 15th Ave NW (delicious Carribean)
El Camion ~ 6416 15th Ave NW (delicious Mexican)
The Dane ~ 8000 15th Ave NW (coffee shop)
Ballard Market ~ 1400 NW 56th Street (grocery store)
Safeway ~ 8340 15th Avenue NW (grocery store)

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