The Academy for Precision Learning

Mission: The Academy for Precision Learning was founded in 2007 by Allison Moors and three families: Erin & Kirk Brewer, Nancy & Matt Gordon and Samia & Herman Mohazzabfar. The founders united around a central mission for APL:

The Academy for Precision Learning is a K-12 school dedicated to the success of all students - including typically developing and those across the autism spectrum - learning within an academically challenging and socially vibrant environment. 

APL looks to apply data-informed practices to help each student achieve their greatest potential. APL uses high quality, data driven approaches - including Direct Instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis and Precision Teaching - to create individualized learning plans specifically designed for each student. 

APL is dedicated to ensuring student's success through accelerated academic progress, social development, unique and tailored enrichment opportunities, character building and community involvement. 

Category: Education

The Academy for Precision Learning is a K-12 school that provides a nurturing, inclusive, and individualized learning experience for neurodiverse students. APL offers targeted opportunities that promote the academic achievement and social development of students who benefit from a smaller, supportive learning environment. Students are engaged in developmentally appropriate, data-informed, individualized experiences that put them on a path to achieving their greatest potential. APL meets their students where they are at, supporting each student to build on their unique strengths to become a curious and engaged life-long learner who celebrates diversity, practices self-advocacy, and generates impact in their community.


Other Ways to Get Involved:
Volunteers are always needed for their annual auction, annual fun run and Broadway Bound Spring Performances