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Here are some of the types of posts you can expect during the day. These are just examples; we encourage you to get creative, dive deep, and come up with ways that are authentic for you and your organization.

Example Posts:


Today is #BeMoreKindDay in Seattle! I am participating by __________


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.50.07 PM.png

Happy #bemorekindday! Spending it at @toppotdoughnuts treating my amazing co-workers to some donuts!


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.50.12 PM.png

Hey everyone, in honor of #bemorekindday in Seattle, Iā€™m going to pledge 50 volunteer hours to @theworldisfun!

Nonprofit Partners

If you are participating in #BeMoreKIndDay with your nonprofit organization, this is the perfect time to engage your audience and get them talking about all of the great work they do. Reach out to them and encourage them to participate in #BeMoreKindDay by posting how they are kind in contributing to your mission.

Example Posts:

I'm supporting #BeMoreKindDay today in Seattle by pledging a monthly donation to @TreehouseTweets so they can give foster kids a childhood and a future.

In honor of #BeMoreKindDay I'm signing up to volunteer at [organization] - I love this organization because _______.

Community Partners

If you are participating in #BeMoreKIndDay with your business this is a great time to engage your employees in kindness. In addition to posting on your businesses social media channels, encourage your employees to post as well!

Example Posts:

Our team at @SeattleCocktailWeek is participating in #BeMoreKindDay by delivering donuts to our favorite vendors in Seattle!

[Business Name] is participating in #BeMoreKindDay today! In addition to our monthly volunteering, I plan to be more kind by _____.

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