Brian Nash | President

As a recent addition to the TWIF Board of Directors, Brian Nash brings with him an enthusiasm for solving complex issues and motivating others towards effective teamwork. Nash was drawn to TWIF because, “I love the attitude of TWIF...there’s a strong camaraderie among the volunteers that I think makes TWIF effective and special.” When he is not attending to his day job as a field architect, he is currently in the process of writing a series of children’s books.  


Josh Dand | Vice President

As a member of TWIF’s Board for over four years, Josh Dand brings extensive experience in digital marketing. His skills in conjunction with his passion for activism and a taste for the arts helps TWIF to fulfill its goals and continue executing fun volunteering events. In his spare time, Josh loves dabbling in art, travel, music, writing, and taking advantage of opportunities to learn.


Shaila Davis | Secretary

Shaila Davis is right at home with The World is Fun as she presently works in nonprofit fundraising and has a passion for volunteering at local conservation organizations. Fortunately for TWIF, she also brings skills in donor stewardship, marketing, and campaign management. Outside of volunteering, Shaila is a true Seattleite and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and experiencing the unique nature of the Pacific Northwest.

Andy Zhang | Treasurer

Andy has been with TWIF for over a year now, first as a volunteer and now as a Board Member. His experience lies in accounting, investments, and cash management, and he considers himself a strong numbers guy. However, over the past few years he has developed an interest in relationship building and community; something that he says can’t quite be quantified. He enjoys working with TWIF as he says it’s a great way to work in an atmosphere that is welcoming of improving and learning together. Outside of TWIF you can find him enjoying pop culture, cooking, and traveling to find good food. 

Gabriel Ayerza

As a member of the TWIF Board of Directors for four years, Gabriel Ayerza continues to be amazed by the organization’s development and growth. With a day job working at a not-for-profit organization,  Gabriel has been able to translate his day job skills to TWIF through fostering community and finding common ground between different agencies, advocates, and even competitors. While he is a big fan of TWIF’s community culture and never ending volunteer opportunities, Gabriel is most appreciative of the events where TWIF staff and volunteers are able to come together in the same space and simply have fun. He also has a bit of a creative streak and enjoys writing, storytelling, and theater.


Kathryn Kremer

As a Program Manager for Insight Global, Kathryn’s growing experience in technology aids in TWIF’s goal to grow in this space as well. She looks forward to driving strategic initiatives at TWIF and continuing the success of incorporating fun into giving back to the community. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys traveling across the globe and engaging with other communities and cultures.

Cynthia Salaman

As a member of TWIF for almost five years, Cynthia Salaman has learned the ins and outs of the organization through various roles and teams. From her experience, Salaman says every single staff member, volunteer, sherpa, member, etc. has an amazing and contagious energy that has become her favorite aspect of the nonprofit. Outside of TWIF, Cynthia is currently in the process of starting her own business.  

Diego Gandara

Diego began volunteering for the first time through TWIF over four years ago. He says it showed him time and time again that volunteerism can be extremely fun. Today, he is a part of TWIF’s Board of Directors where he oversees the nonprofit’s decisions. Outside of TWIF, Diego works as a Software Engineer for Microsoft where he loves his job and enjoys working with a diverse set of people. He enjoys cooking, video games, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. 

Amy Faulkner | Founder & Executive Director

Amy has been the primary behind-the-scenes instigator in a wave of change that has redefined volunteerism for literally thousands of Seattleites. With an extensive background in marketing and experiential events, Amy started The World is Fun in 2009  when she realized how much untouched potential there was for putting fun in volunteerism for the Seattle region. Eight years later, she's grown the organization to over 5,000 volunteers and volunteer staff of more than 90 that works in partnership with over 135 local nonprofits.

Amy is nationally recognized for her incredible work fostering community, sparking engagement, and volunteer management. She is the 2013 recipient of The Wendy Walters Truitt Volunteer Excellence Award and the 2016 Jefferson Award for her nonprofit work.

Amy is a mission evangelist, creative mastermind and organizational backbone. Her ability to think creatively and find solutions to motivate others is unparalleled. 

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