Ok, maybe not the whole world, but they can change some lives for the better. We really mean that.

How are Burritos going to change a life?

12.9% of Seattle’s population struggles with food insecurity, meaning they often don’t know where their family’s next meal is coming from. Our city is full of amazing organizations dedicated to addressing this problem (hint: The World Is Fun supports several of them!) but it’s a huge challenge, and it’s growing. We want to help - by sharing this information with you, by activating volunteers to help these organizations, and now by taking the next step and beginning a feeding program of our own. We want to put nourishing meals into hungry hands, and we need your help.

Why Burritos?

Because burritos are amazing! We aren’t talking about your late-night, freezer burritos here - these are healthy, nutritious, wholesome burritos made from fresh ingredients. They’re really the perfect food to make a difference and there are so many ways to prepare them! There can be breakfast burritos and sack-lunch burritos and anytime burritos, they can be served hot or cold, and they can easily be modified to create menu variety. Tackling special diets is straightforward as the fillings and even the wrappers can be swapped out. Burritos travel well, store easily, are still delicious when re-heated, and even stack efficiently in the fridge!


Burritos Address the Talent Mismatch

Using burritos, we can be a huge help to the city’s existing organizations working to address food insecurity by combating two major challenges. First, delivering already-prepped burritos to kitchens increases how much food they can serve as a workstation isn’t required (just unwrap the foil!). Second, preparing burritos the evening before they are to be served allows talented TWIF burrito teams to help prepare food outside of their work schedule and allows daytime kitchen staff to do more with less.  


The Burrito Brigades are Coming...

… and you should enlist! The World is Fun is on a mission to deliver burritos by the truckload.  We are kicking off our fundraising efforts at Ballard Burrito Fest and our mission is to secure kitchen space for our burrito brigades and the funds to buy ingredients, packaging, refrigeration, and transport equipment to support our burrito-building army as well as keep them supplied with a sweet burrito-rolling playlist and combat-ready hairnets. Being in a Burrito Brigade is going to be fun, social, gratifying, and important to the community - the same experience that being a TWIF volunteer has always been, but in a shiny foil wrapper!


Clearly you want to be part of this.

How?  Join The World is Fun, become a member of our charitable social club.  Access to Burrito Brigades and many other fun, social, impactful projects in our Seattle community will be at your doorstep.  We are a registered nonprofit and your membership donation will help to fund these efforts.