Choices Education

Mission: To empower teens to make positive educational choices that will increase their career and life opportunities.

CHOICES Education Group was formed in 1985 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) social enterprise based in Seattle, Washington. Their goals are to increase the probability that at-risk teens will graduate from high school, motivate teens toward their education and future, introduce them to practical skills in decision making, time & money management and goal setting, and build sustainable business, education and community partnerships in each location they serve.

Category: Education


Other Ways to Get Involved:
Choices Presenter

Being a CHOICES Presenter is very fulfilling – you are the messenger! After an online training, you’ll be fully equipped to actively deliver the CHOICES workshop to teens in school classrooms. The CHOICES workshop materials lead you and the students right through the workshop. You can help attack the high school dropout epidemic and turn a teen around today!

Skilled Volunteering 
You can volunteer with CHOICES Education Group by providing your expertise and/or connections to resources, individuals and organizations that can benefit CEG. Whether it’s in sales & marketing, fundraising, tech services, accounting, or tasks in the CEG office in Seattle, they can use your help!